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Swimming: The island is surrounded by crystal clear Australian waters and has multiple fresh-water lakes perfect for cooling off after your activities, or just relaxing next to. 


Fishing: There are plenty of incredible fishing spots on the island for you to wrangle. Popular catches include whiting, flathead and tailor amongst hundreds of other fish species. 


Surfing: North Point is a amazing surfing spot in Moreton Bay - or you can just take to the waves in the ocean!


Diving: Moreton Bay is home to the captivating Tangalooma Wrecks, a series of sunken shipwrecks perfect for an underwater adventure. The wrecks came about in 1963 during a lobbying for safe anchorage by recreational boat owners; since then, the line of old Harbours and steam dredges and barges have become overgrown and a submerged sight to see. 


Wildlife: Moreton Bay is home to approximately 600 bottlenose dolphins, many of whom frequent the shore. They're visible throughout the day at various points on the island (the deck of 65 Strand and Bulwer being two main visiting spots) making for some beautiful visuals and photographs. The Bay is also a beautiful place to take a tour during whale-watching season, as you can experience the true beauty of the migrating humpbacks, sharks and turtles. 


There are many, many more wonderful things to do in Moreton Bay, your holiday will never be boring or tired with sand boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, sight-seeing, bird-watching, resting champagne pools and incredible 4x4 driving accompanying the activities above.

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